Monday, January 10, 2011

Tempting Tuesday - excerpt from Tormented Soul

Softly kissing her body as he rose, he held her tight when he thought she would fall over. She gave him a small laugh when he looked into her face. As he placed kisses over her mouth and neck he felt her fingers untie his pants. Her hands stroked his butt, hips and slid into the leather. His eyes rolled back from the delight of her touch. Her mouth trailed down his neck, chest, across his stomach but he stopped her when he thought she was going farther.

He slipped out of his vest, kicked off his boots and lifted her in his arms to carry her to the bed. Holding her against him, he kissed her deeply as he laid her down. She propped herself on her elbows and sent him a smile he couldn’t resist. For the fun of it, he did a strip tease when he took off his pants. He laughed with her as he crawled onto the bed. He couldn’t remember the last time he laughed while bedding a woman. What a refreshing adventure this promised to be!

As he lay on his side, Erick took a finger and followed the outline of her face, her neck, and her breast and down her belly. He stopped to tickle her belly button and then pretended his finger was stuck. Lynn squealed and smacked his hand away. In retaliation he attacked her breasts with fervor. Alternating between the two, he took each nipple into his mouth, teasing her and losing himself in her scent. He could feel her rapid heart beat.

He ran his hand down her thigh and back up to stop at the center of her heat. Lynn arched her body and called out his name. His composure was gone with the way she said it. The desire to be inside her overcame him.

Tormented Soul is the second book in the Soul Series.

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