Monday, November 1, 2010

Ladies...need a little pep in the bedroom?
Clip this and post it where your honey can see it.

#1 Take Some Initiative: Don’t just do what you know is going to get me off. Have fun, show me what you like to do to me. Don’t simply go through the motions.

#2 Kiss Something Besides My Mouth:
My lips are like one percent of me; your kiss feels good on the other 99 percent.

#3 Take All Your Clothes Off:
Shirt, shoes, no service. I want it off. I want it all off!

#4 Make Some Noise: You don’t have to impersonate R. Kelly, but please let me know when and where I’m pleasing you.

#5 Watch The Hair: Unless you’re pulling it intentionally, please don’t pin my hair down accidentally. It hurts and I don’t want to ruin the mood by complaining about it.

#6 Look Me In The Eye: We don’t have to lock eyes forever, but a solid check-in makes me feel desired and gives me the chance to flash you a sexy look.

#7 Focus On The Sweet Action:
Don’t be high-five-ing yourself in the mirror, writing your grocery list in your head, etc. I’m right in front of you, and I’m naked. Focus!

#8 Ask Me What I Like:
You might really like what I say.

#9 Let Me Know What You Like: If I’m sleeping with you, I want to make this fun for everyone.

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