Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tempting Tuesday - a Gem Sivad western romance

Time to do a shameless plug for a friend.

WOLF’S TENDER, is an erotically charged tale while the detail and richness of the setting were superb. I'm not one who was a regular reader of western romance, but Gem has opened a whole new door for me. This book is a must read!

Rough and tough Charlie Wolf McCallister knows he needs to get laid, when the prim and proper school teacher with a sharp tongue, starts looking good to him. When Naomi Parker’s students are snatched from their school by marauding Comancheros, the only way to get the girls home safely, is to hire the half-Kiowa bounty hunter. But Naomi has no cash and Mr. Charlie Wolf McCallister won’t take her I.O.U. His price seems a bit steep when Naomi must choose between her virtue and her students’ lives.

Cad that he is, Charlie Wolf operates on the philosophy that a bird in hand is better than no bird at all, and the longer he’s around Miss Naomi Parker, the more he wants this particular chickadee from the Sparrow Creek Ladies Academy. And so he offers to trade service—for servicing.

When one straight-laced spinster, tenders her body to one cynical sometimes savage, the unexpected bounty is love.


Liquid Silver Books
ISBN 978-1-59578-633-3

Wolf’s Tender available in print @Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online bookstores.

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