Monday, May 18, 2009

Let's Paint A Picture

“Let’s make a fantasy real,” she taunted as she kicked a large roll of canvas into unraveling across the studio floor. Elizabeth took Puzzola by the hand and led him to the center. His eyes glimmered with recognition of her plan.

“I hope you’re planning to use acrylic paint on this canvas,” his eyes never leaving her body while his smile only grew larger.

“Certainly,” Elizabeth presented him with a basket full of brightly colored tubes of acrylic paint.

Puzzola laughed when she opened a tube of paint and squirted a long snake-like color onto his chest. She smeared it across to his shoulders and down his belly without taking her eyes off his face. With an incredible sense of freedom, Puzzola removed the top from a tube of crimson and slowly spread the pigment over her breasts. The cool touch of the paint felt good against her warm skin. Elizabeth was living a dream she secretly coveted and she felt herself turning into putty at the mercy of Puzzola’s hands as he spread more paint on her.

Pulling him down to the canvas, she kissed him with the promise of more...

Excerpt from Painted Soul - Book One of the Soul Series.

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Chelle Cordero said...

Showering after a scene like that should be enough to write another book about, LOL.

(...I'm off to fan myself now, wow.)