Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Expressing Love With Art

Writing a poem or a personal note for a friend is love. Many lyrics are a love song writen by a musican with words coming from the heart. Artists throughout history have created paintings for the one they love.

I enjoy viewing art created by friends; it makes me happy. When I wear a scarf my mom knitted, I feel loved.
Recently, I painted a couple of Taylor Swift inspired watercolors for my new grandaughter's nursery. (Her momma loves TS.)

I also did the middle painting of an olive branch. (Her name is Olive.)

Find a creative way to express your love this week.

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Ah, Spring

Flyboy and I enjoyed a lovely morning drinking coffee on the deck and a romantic interlude. No...not that kind. We'll save that for skinny dipping in the pool later. Besides, Reyka was keeping on eye on us.

It's nice to simply be together. Listening to the birds, watching the backyard wildlife and planning our day can be a moment of love.

Monday, April 8, 2024

Chocolate is Love

Last summer while attending a family reunion, I spent a morning with my sisters-in-law in the rural town of Fergus Falls, Minnesota. Imagine my joy when I found locally made chololate!

I love lavender infuse foods and drinks, often using the herb in my cooking, so I had to try Lavender Latte.
This bar provides 2oz of love

Smooth, dark milk chocolate with floral notes and the richness of coffee.

Visit www.tcchocolate.com

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Blindfolds, Bourbon and Belly Buttons

 Even though I write fiction, I enjoy working real stuff into my stories. Since my setting for Legend of the Spirit series is in the Poconos Mountains, I found Holy Ghost Distillery, Inc. produces a nice bourbon perfect for the story. My characters in Wolf Whispers found a unique use for the tasty spirit.

Today's word count : 20,914


“Sweetheart, I need a drink.” He chuckled as he reached for the shot glass full of amber liquid. “Now hold still.”

“Oh!” She squealed when he poured a small amount of bourbon into her belly button. “That’s cold.”

“It’s room temperature but feels cold because you are heated up.” He sucked the bourbon and licked the runaway drips. “Hmmm… tasty. Tell me what it is.”

He slid across her body to kiss her. She licked his lips and stroked his tongue, tasting him.

“It’s what I image you taste like. Vanilla and spice.” As if his cock could harden more, her husky voice begged. “Kiss me again.”

He tossed the rest of the shot back, letting the heat travel down his throat then indulged her request. Covering her mouth with his, he untied her. Once freed, she speared his hair with her fingers.

“Whiskey?” She asked between kisses.

“Bourbon.” He smiled and began to pull away. “It’s McNamee’s Black Irish Bourbon from he Holy Ghost Distillery not far from here.”

“We might have pay them a visit and buy some to take home. I like the flavor on you.” She smiled as he assisted her to sit up. “Can I savor more of you?”

Nicknames for the Littles

 What nicknames do you have for your kids and/or pets? I've never met anyone who didn't have some kinds of sweet name for someone they love. My boys were blessed with nicknames when they were little.

Pic is from the day after the youngest came home from the hospital.

My three sons are Honey Bunny (1st born) because he's a mini version of my hubby, Bugaboo (middle child) because he's a snuggle bug, and Tiger (youngest because of what he sounded like when he cried). 

They are all adults now and I still call them by their nicknames. 

However, when I write about them in my blog, they are The Chemist, Flyboy Jr. and The Menace. 

(Pic is from the eldest's wedding in 2021 - L to R, The Menace, The Chemist, Flyboy Jr)

Saturday, March 30, 2024

Blindfolds and Word Count

Today was a productive day of working on Wolf Whispers, Legend of the Spirit book #4.

Sometimes an author needs visual inspiration when writing. I have photos of the Poconos Mountains, cute cabins, lakes and landscapes to help me visualize the physical setting in my stories. Today, I needed a good description of Carson "Dawg" Batitise and thank Nanji Liam for the inspiration.

Writing romance has its challenges. One is creating characters and sex scenes unique to each book. As I approached the smexy stuff in Wolf Whispers, I wanted a different approach when dealing with a sexually experienced MMC and a virgin MFC. Hmm... a creative way to bring her into the world of sensuality. I came up with the answer of using all her senses. I used such a technique in Taming Rachel. So I did a little research on  using a blindfold to enhance sensual play. My word count for the day isn't as high as what I'd like, but it's definitely on a roll. I like the direction my mind is going.

I'm sure when Flyboy arrives home from his last flight, he'll enjoy it as well.

Teaser/excerpt from 1st draft.

Too distracted by the emotions coursing through her to answer, she could only sigh. He stood like a bronze warrior in tight leather pants and wild hair falling over his thick shoulders. One hand rested on his belt buckle while the other held a small swatch of black silk. A slow growl crept up from deep inside him then faded. He tossed the black silk onto the bed and undid his buckle. With a quick snap, he pulled the belt from around his waist.

“I’ll ask one more time.” His gaze held the promise of pleasure. “Do you trust me, Delany.”

Thursday, March 28, 2024

Teaser from Hawk's Honor

I love how a big, bad Marine can be rendered speechless. Enjoy this unedited clip.

His head swiveled to meet her smile. She crossed her arms in front of her chest. With a tilt of her head, she raised an eyebrow.

“Wh…what?” When did he start stuttering? “But… tha…that’s…”

“Wow, did you get a head wound? Do you need me to talk slower? Try to keep up, Hawke.” She smirked and slowed her speech. “I’m staying with you. I’m your date, Jamie. Madame Eve hooked us up for tonight.”

“No!” He shook his head as panic set in and he struggled to breathe. “You…you’re… I’m…oh, no. Fuck.”

In the last few years, he faced the enemy, injury, and death but in the last two minutes he’d become a bumbling idiot. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2024