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Ripped Roaring Halloween Hop

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Okay.... time for a little Halloween Fun!
Top 10: Halloween Sex Positions

This article was originally written from a man's point of view and is intended for entertainment purposes only; its content should not be taken as practical advice.

The time has come to breathe new life into Halloween -- to replace the confectionary-fueled fun you enjoyed as a kid with the pheromone-laced action you want as an adult. After all, you probably won’t be spending All Hallows' Eve donning masks and egging cars outside the house, so shouldn't you at least be releasing your inner demons inside the bedroom? This is something that is easily done with the help from some evil Halloween sex positions. So, while we’ll happily leave the Kama Sutra to hippies, yoga nerds and people who treat scented candles as a lifestyle, those of us more partial to dancing with devils in the pale moonlight will be generating shrieks and moans this year courtesy of the following Halloween sex positions.

No.1 Witch's Brew
Wart of mute child, eye of albino newt… unless you’re Prince or Charlie Sheen, this stuff probably doesn’t turn you on. But here for Halloween is the first-ever sexy witch's brew. Though swingers would probably have an easier time accomplishing this one, a drunk girlfriend and the girl she kissed in college should suffice. The key to this position is all in the setup (and the alcohol): Fill a hot tub with brown food coloring, novelty eyeballs, Gothic candles, and two revved-up bisexual females. The bonus in this one is the post-witch's brew shower, in which you’ll either get to clean your partners or sit back and watch evil take its course.

No.2 Pumpkin Head
Jack-o’-lanterns are supposed to act as guides for lost spirits in the night. But in our twisted minds, they act as beacons for downright nasty things. While your girl is painting her face with orange and black makeup, you’ll cut a hole in a box to act as the table. Your girl will kneel down with her pumpkin-looking head poking out of the hole. You’ll stand in front of her, aim for the gaping black grin and put a candle of a different kind into the mouth of this jack-o’-lantern.

No.3 Monster Mash
Only a blindfolded eunuch could watch Godzilla movies and not get riled up by the overwhelming sexual tension between Mothra and the radioactive lizard. That’s why we’re suggesting you and your partner try out the “Monster Mash” this Halloween. The premise is simple, but potentially expensive, depending on the cost of the outfit you’re willing to invest in. Go down the costume shop, pick out costumes for you and your partner, then cut out sections around the genitals in each costume; unless you’re Paris Hilton, we assume you possess the mental powers to deduce the nasty act that should follow.

No.4 Night Of The F*cking Dead
Squirming, convulsing and moaning isn’t something that only happens at Jack in the Box -- case in point: “Night of the F*cking Dead.” In this ingenious brain-dead Halloween sex position, partners start off in a standard missionary position, but once the male has comfortably entered the female, that’s when things really get dumb -- er, fun. Specifically, neither partner is allowed to use their arms or legs to support themselves during intercourse, leaving both sex-starved individuals to be grunting, struggling and shaking in order to get off.

No.5 Sleepy Bat
Courtesy of the public education system and some unpleasant personal experiences, we are extremely aware that it is unwise to put unprotected genitals anywhere near a sleeping bat -- that is, unless, your partner has assumed the role of a blind, flying carnivore for the evening. In this Halloween sex position, your partner will require a stable pull-up bar or shower pole on which to hang upside down. Once she is comfortably locked in, position your mouths at each others' genitals and engage in 69-ing until the sunlight comes up (or the blood rushing to her head causes your partner to pass out).

No.6 Bobbing For Boobies
This sex position is pretty self-explanatory: Fill up a bathtub with two or more breasts, stick your hands behind your back, and bob your head in until you catch yourself an endorphin rush

No.7 The Scarecrow
Aside from Michael Hutchence, a little bondage never (seriously) hurt anyone, and this sex position is no different. One partner is strapped to a cross-brace and must act as if they have no skeletal system; the other partner gets to enjoy the benefits of having someone strapped to a cross-brace in front of them. That involves groping, teasing, prodding, and just about anything else you want, just as soon as you get those cumbersome overalls unhooked. Best of all, when you are done, there’s all that straw to help clean up.

No.8 Tail In The Crypt
Let’s face it: The first thing that comes to mind when you project sexual deviancy on a high-pitched decomposing corpse is Michael Jackson; but don’t worry, our carnal take on the famous Tales from the Crypt TV series is much more legal. In this Halloween sex position, you and your partner make your way under your bed (the “crypt”) and engage in anal sex (the “tail”) -- we leave it up to you (the “crypt keeper”) to decided whether or not you’d like to annoyingly stimulate your partner with scratches to her back.

No.9 Grave Robber
The key to this Halloween sex position is finding a successful mix between the sexual thrill of robbery and the somewhat unappealing odor of putrid human innards. The way it works is that you wait for your girlfriend to fall asleep, then you ransack your laundry hamper and surround her with dirty, dank clothes to mimic the atmosphere of a grave. Once you’ve buried your corpse -- er, partner -- you give her the unexpected thrill of luring her back into consciousness with oral sex.

No.10 Ghost Rider
Before you start writing us letters about this one, we want to make it clear that we’re not suggesting you set your partner’s head on fire while she’s faced the other way in doggy style -- that would fall under a "Mike Tyson Sex Positions." No, the Ghost Rider is much more humane, though slightly tougher on the eyes. The way it works is that when the female is riding the male, the man puts a white sheet over her head -- all while resisting the overwhelming urge to cue up the Ghostbusters theme on his stereo.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday Teaser - New from JoAnne Kenrick

This post is for my a special Diva who still rocks hard to Bon Jovi. 
This new erotic romance novella is a must read!

It’s 1989 and Ryker Conall, American rock star and heartbreaker, is looking all kinds of Bon Jovi hot. He’s back in Australia and staying in the exclusive Darling Harbour Hotel where Sadie Fox works. His plans include more than rocking it down under. He also wants to rekindle what he had with Sadie back in ’85. But wanting and getting are two different things.

Sadie’s objective is to get through the week without getting under Ryker. Getting over him was hard the first time around. She’s not sure she could do it a second. Just one week, that’s all. Then she’s home free.

When a hurricane moves in, they have to wait it out. It might be a big hotel, but Sadie can’t hide from Ryker forever. It’s not long before Sadie is backed into a corner. A corner she is not sure she wants to get out of.

Available in eBook format from BookStrand, with many more retailers to follow.

Monday, October 24, 2011


This wonderful soup is the answer to your surplus September tomatoes and those cold October nights.

1 medium onion, chopped
3 celery stalks, diced
1 bell pepper, diced
2 tb olive oil
250 g fresh tomatoes, peeled
250 ml homemade broth
salt, pepper
1 tb lemon juice
4 tb vodka
celery stalks to garnish

In a large pot, saute onions ad celery and bell pepper in oil.
Add tomato, saute 1-2 minute.
Add broth and let simmer 10 minutes.
Put all in a food processor and mix until smooth.
Add other ingredients.
Serve either hot or chilled, garnish with celery stalk.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Flirty Friday - Erotic Romance from KD Grace

An erotic novel by best-selling author K D Grace.


In appreciation for a job well done, STELLA JAMES 's boss sends her a pet – a human pet. The mischievous TINO comes straight from THE PET SHOP complete with a collar, a leash, and an erection. Stella soon discovers the pleasure of keeping Pets, especially this one, is extremely addicting.

Obsessed with Tino and with the reclusive philanthropist, VINCENT EVANSTON, who looks like Tino, but couldn’t be more different, Stella is drawn into the secret world of The Pet Shop. As her animal lust awakens, Stella must walk the thin line that separates the business of pleasure from the more dangerous business of the heart or suffer the consequences.

"YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS," O'Kelly said, nearly dropping the phone. "You can't really mean to give Stella James Tino for the whole weekend. Wouldn't a nice gift voucher from Selfridges be more appropriate?"

The Boss offered her a tolerant chuckle on the other end of the phone. "Didn't she tell you she thought an occasional shag wasn't too much to ask for doing such a demanding job?"

"Yes, but she was joking. I'm sure she never expected–"

"Well, she's right. It isn't too much to ask, is it? She's a very dedicated employee, and we've always done our best to reward dedicated employees, especially one with such promise, one that we have such plans for."

"Yes but–"

"Hasn't she met and surpassed our expectations since she's joined Strigida, and didn't we both agree she's exactly what we're looking for?"

"Yes, but–"

"She's not in a relationship, right?"

She rolled her eyes and glanced down at her watch. He was on a roll. Nothing for it now but to hear him out.

"No relationship, no family. Stella can afford to live in London because she has no life outside of work, all factors we took into account when we hired her. There's no arguing she doesn't have time for sex." He paused long enough for a quick breath. "Sorry to say that's the way of the world these days. All work and no play. Very sad. Very sad indeed."

"Yes, sir. It is sad, but, sir, Tino?"

"Yes. Tino."

"OK, maybe for a couple of hours, maybe. But surely not for the whole weekend."

"Yes, for the whole weekend, O'Kelly, from Friday night till Sunday evening. Every last second of it."

O"Kelly rubbed her forehead impatiently then rolled her shoulders to loosen the knots, which she could always count on the Boss to tighten. "It's not that the woman doesn't deserve a weekend of blow-your-brains-out sex. God knows she does, but ..."

"But what, O'Kelly? Get to the point."

O"Kelly squirmed uncomfortably in her seat. She found the whole thing a bit embarrassing, actually. "Well, sir, she's just so ..."

"So what?"

"She's just so tight laced, so prim and proper. I don't know – all business. I can't help but wonder if we've made a mistake, and even if we haven't, a weekend with Tino is just so hardcore at this stage, don't you think?" She straightened in her chair and brushed her skirt free of the few remaining crumbs from the sandwich she had wolfed for lunch. "I can't picture her being the kind who could appreciate or even be able to handle a weekend with Tino."

"Prim and proper? Really? You just told me she was joking about the company providing sex as a fringe benefit for its overworked employees. Doesn't sound very prim and proper to me. In fact she sounds like exactly the woman we've been looking for."

Buy Links


Book Depository
Amazon UK


Amazon UK

K D Grace was born with a writing obsession. It got worse once she actually learned HOW to write. There's no treatment for it. It's progressive and chronic and quite often interferes with normal, everyday functioning. She might actually be concerned if it wasn't so damned much fun most of the time.

K D's erotic romance novels, The Initiation of Ms Holly and The Pet Shop, both published by Xcite Books, are available from all good paperback and eBook retailers.

Her erotica has been published with Xcite Books, Mammoth, Cleis Press, Black Lace, Erotic Review, Ravenous Romance, Sweetmeats Press and Scarlet Magazine.

Find out more about K D Grace on her website,  She's also on Facebook and Twitter.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday Thirteen - 13 Odd Facts About Halloween

1. Orange and black are the colors of Halloween because orange is associated with the fall harvest and black is the color of darkness.

2. There are no words in the dictionary that rhyme with Orange.
3. Turnips and Beets once served as the original Jack O’ Lanterns.

4. Halloween is the second most commercially successful Holiday with Christmas being the first.

5. According to superstition if you stand in front of a mirror at midnight, you’ll see the reflection of your future spouse just over your left shoulder.

6. You can sprinkle salt and oatmeal on your child’s head to keep him or her from being possessed.

7. In England, white cats instead of black ones are thought to be bad luck.

8. Harry Houdini died on Halloween, in 1926 from peritonitis caused by a ruptured appendix.

9. Burning a candle inside a Jack O’ Lantern on Halloween is believed to keep demons and evil spirits at bay.

10. Put your clothes on inside out and walk backwards on Halloween night to meet a witch.

11. Gazing into the flame of a candle on Halloween night will allow you to see into the future.

12. If you hear footsteps behind you on Halloween night don’t turn around, for it may be Death himself! And to look him in the eye is a sure way to hasten your own demise.

13. If a bat flies around a house three times, it is considered to be a death omen.

* This is just a fun look at thirteen Halloween facts whether they are truth or superstition, you decide.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday Thirteen - 13 Sex tips to boost your love life

It's important to remember that sex should be fun.

1. Be confident
It's the sexiest thing any woman can do to turn on her man - take control and be sure about what you want and how you want it done.

2. Enjoy each other's bodies
Give each other compliments, pay special attention to a person's less favourite bits, make them feel desired and sexy. Body confidence is sexual gold!

3. Talk.
Tell your partner what you're enjoying and why, even what could be done to make the sex better; faster slower etc.. The sure-fire way to better sex time and time again!

4. Engage in foreplay
It's easy to forget that foreplay is all part of your sex life. Make sure you have enough foreplay with your partner until you're both ready for intercourse. Prolong it by putting your clothes on, go out for a drink or a meal. Keep the evening going on as long as you can until you have to run home for the most intense sex ever!

5. Surprise your partner
Put on some sexy lingerie one evening after work and wait for him. Don't let him touch you, dominate and lead him to the bedroom.

6. Drink coffee
Research has indicated that a couple of cups of coffee could well boost the female libido. Even if that's not 100% guaranteed, the caffeine will improve your concentration - very important if you're getting hot and steamy in the bedroom.

7. Turn off the TV
You may love watching what Rita and Norris are up to in Corrie, but it's a bit of a passion killer. Hit the off button and pay attention to each other.

8. Do a strip-tease
It doesn't have to look professional, as long as you move seductively in front of him and slowly take off your clothes. Don't allow him to touch either - this will turn him on even more.

9. Choose the right music
Having the right tunes playing in the background can improve your bedroom experience. The right rhythm will make your lovemaking far more enjoyable. Try Dr. Amgad & Marvin Gaye's Sexual Healing for starters.

10. Ice ice baby
If you're performing oral sex on your fella, try popping an ice cube in your mouth halfway through - the sensation as it goes from warm to cold will drive him wild.

11. Eat salmon.
Obviously, it's a great choice for dinner, but it's also known as a sexual powerhouse. The vitamins in salmon will help lift the libido, it contains mood-enhancing Omega-3 oils and is protein rich, which is good for stamina.

12. Turn off the lights
In fact, go one step further and blindfold each other. By getting rid of the sense of sight, you'll be forced to use your other senses.

13. Don't touch his private parts
By not going for the one place he's desperate for you to touch, you'll drive him wild. Delay it as long as possible and when you do get there, make only the faintest touch at first.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tasty Tuesday

Favorite American Hard Ciders by Bon App├ętit
I'm not one to drint hard cider but living in Michigan I proudly purchase and consume Michigan products.  To see Michigan featured in something as simple as Hard Cider in Bon Appetit magazine is very exciting! 
 Way to go Michigan!  Whoot-whoot!The Sweetheart Label

A proud tradition of cider-making exists just about anywhere apples grow--Argentina, Austria, England, France, Spain--and until now, the best bottles rarely traveled. That was true in the States, too, as residents of Michigan, Vermont, or Oregon will tell you.

Hard cider has a long history in America, where it's made in various styles, from sweet to dry and still to sparkling. From colonial days onward, hard cider was sipped by almost everyone, including children: Easily made and inexpensive, it was considered cleaner than drinking water. Then Prohibition came along and all but wiped out production and consumption.

Bon Appetit tasted 50 domestic hard ciders.
These four bottles--all sparkling and dry--rose to the top.

Z. Orchards / $13
Made with nine apple varieties for beautifully balanced flavor. 2010 Cidre, Oregon

Bellwether / $14
A bona fide thirst-quencher from a blend of heirloom Tompkins King and Baldwin apples. King Baldwin, New York

Tandem Ciders / $11
Refreshing, with hints of citrus.  Perfect cider for those in love... with cider at least. A favorite of chef Mario Batali, part-time Michigander. The Sweetheart, Michigan.  A unique stop on the Leelanau wine trail, Tandem Ciders specializes in artisanal hard ciders.

Farnum Hill / $13
The orchard's more esoteric batches are bottled under this label. Dooryard, New Hampshire

Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Mojo - Things that make you go Hmmm....

WEIGHT LOSS - Fascinating Fact: Sexual acts lead to weight loss

The average human loses 26 calories when kissing for a minute. Furthermore, vigorous sex for half an hour burns 150 calories (you can lose three pounds in a year – if you have sex 7 to 8 times a month). Kissing is also very good for your teeth: the extra saliva released during the act helps to keep the mouth clean – reducing the risk of decay.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

His hands had been resting on her waist when Josh let out a groan and lifted Jenny into his arms and carried her to the bedroom.  He carefully put her back on her feet as he kissed her.  His hands slid along her back and tugged the zipper of her dress.  Once loosened, the gown came off easily and dropped to the floor.  Josh stepped back to view her perfect skin, breasts, and the curve of her hips.  He needed her. 

Can bestfriends admit to their feelings and take their relationship one step farther?
Or will crossing the line be the end?